Thoughts on embodiment practices

We live in a world where being in our bodies, grounded and fully landing in the body of a human existence takes quite some effort. Our focus has become pretty narrow .. from looking into mobile phones, laptops, from living in cities and not being in the here and now. But only from an embodied place we can make decisions that are in alignment. From our embodied presence we can listen closer to our inner guidance but also our awareness and perception become more open and wide.

We feel more, we allow more of life to flow through and we see more and new possibilities. All of this happens through and with the body. We live in a world where the mind has become the decision maker number one. I dare to say that this has been causing quite some trouble – on many different levels.We need the mind, no doubt, but not as our ally number one.

So please, as simple as it sounds – whenever you can: connect to your breath, your feet on the ground, your senses and the moment you find yourself in. And from this place.. enter life!