Maria Strauss was born in Austria and has an artistic background and a BA in acting, being involved in several theater and movie projects in Austria and Germany. 
Besides her love for theater, very soon she also developed a deep interest for yoga, energy work and meditation. She realized that she is a multidimensional being with many gifts and talents and embraces all of these different aspects and lets them co-influence each other.
Now Maria lives her purpose by teaching different styles of yoga, offering Transformative Bodywork Sessions and facilitating Kundalini Activation Transmissions. She has established her unique relationship with Kundalini energy for several years and emphasizes in creating a safe frame for people to work with this energy. She re-connects people with their essence, Kundalini energy, all over the world and and guides women into living a life aligned with their feminine energy.
Her teaching style is compassionate, filled with curiosity and lightness.
Some of the trainings that Maria joined:
Kundalini Activation Facilitator (trained by Marika Daya, Bali)
Transformative Bodywork Facilitator (trained by Sophie Kinkel, Berlin)
Reiki Level 1-3 (trained by Sunshine Ross, Rishikesh)
Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (Sivananda) – 200hrs
Multiple Style (Vinyasa, Yin) – 175hrs
Himalayan Kriya Yoga – 100hrs
Womb Yoga – 100 hrs

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