„To raise awareness for what happens unconsciously.“

Within a Transformative Bodywork session we look at coping mechanisms that might stand in the way of living your full potential. Together we explore how you can release limiting beliefs and past trauma through body awareness, touch and your breath. 

From a space where more freedom and a wider perception can be felt, we let this stored energy flow into those areas of your life where it is actually needed. In 1:1 sessions we set a safe frame for self exploration to create more physical and mental freedom.

In the center of every session are the questions „Who am I now? What serves me? What do I want to let go of?“ These sessions are very supportive for the process of Kundalini Activations as they allow to let go and surrender even more to the flow of energy by releasing stored tension in the body. 

Through her own journey of transformation, her curiosity and constant research around trauma and healing, Maria has been learning different modalities which she sometimes blends very intuitively and effectively in her sessions. Her style of teaching can be described as compassionate and playful. Maria has been trained for the past 2,5 years in Transformative Bodywork by Sophie Kinkel in Berlin.

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