What is Kundalini energy?

Kundalini is the Sanskrit term for Life Force Energy.
It is Consciousness that has manifested as energy.

This energy is your essence, it is not separate from you. It is within you. It’s your essence.

A Kundalini Activation Transmission is a transmission of this energy and follows the path of surrender (vs. the path of willful practices like breathwork, tantra or yoga asanas). It can support you in activating dormant potential of life force energy.

Kundalini Activation offers an experience of complete surrender and can support you in connecting to higher states of consciousness and allow you to return to a feeling of oneness and union. 

During a session a release of emotions or spontaneous body movements, besides other phenomenas, can occur.

I am offering

Group sessions

Individual 1:1 Sessions

Online Sessions

How does a session look like?

As a facilitator I act as tuning fork for this energy. You will be lying down and music will be played. Your eyes will be closed. I might touch certain chakra/energy points on your body. There’s nothing you actively need to do. Your ability to surrender and simply allow the energy to become more and more activated in your system opens a gateway for transformation, release and new insights. 

What can happen during a session?

There is a wide variety of phenomena that you might be experiencing during a session. From not much to a full body cathartic experience (and everything in between).

Some of the experiences can be:

PHYSICAL/KINAESTHETIC: involuntary and spontaneous movements, shaking, asanas,
stretches, mudras,..
ENERGETIC: energetic sensations while the body is still – like sensations of heat or
cold, tingling sensations, feeling of heightened energy in different parts of body
VISUAL: when there is more activation in your pineal gland you might see colors,
symbols, images, visions, go on astral journeys, sudden insights and clarity
EMOTIONAL: joy, anger, fear, sadness, bliss,… You might want to scream, cry, laugh..everything is welcome
that wants to be released

Why shall I attend a session?

It is not so much about the experiences during a session (even though they can be very impressive). What matters are the shifts and changes that can happen in your life after the activation and in between sessions.

This energy moves us closer to who we truly are. As we raise our energy with every activation, certain habits, relationships, patterns that do not match this heightened frequency will change or we simply don’t feel drawn to them anymore.

Kundalini Activation is a very safe way of working with Kundalini energy.  The energy is incredibly intelligent and will reveal only what you are ready to feel, see and release – nothing more, nothing less. 

Experiences during
a session may include:

  • Release of old traumas and energetic blocks
  • Feeling of harmony and inner peace
  • Increased feeling of empathy and unconditional love towards all humans
  • Clarity to recognize the situations in life that don´t serve you anymore (a relationship, career path)
  • Motivation and energy to follow your own path and realize your dreams
  • Experience of becoming everything and nothing at the same time, of unity with the entire universe

What is the difference between a group session and a 1:1 session?

Group sessions are a great way to get in contact with this energy in a safe container with other like-minded people. Some people feel like there is even more energy flowing within a group container as the energy is amplified, others feel like they can surrender even more when they are not disturbed in any way by other peoples processes.

In a 1:1 session I can address the shifts within your system on a very profound level.
You will receive my full attention and customized support, so that your body can open up more and more to the flow of Kundalini energy. I am being able to fully observe and care for your body and energy system through the whole session.

All of my knowledge from working with different modalities in order to prepare for Kundalini energy and how to establish the energy in your system on a daily base will be shared and you will receive customized support after and in between sessions. 

How does an online session look like?

As everything is energy and we work in the Quantum field, there is no real difference between me being in the same space with you or many miles away.

For some people, especially at the beginning of their Kundalini Activation process, it can feel beneficial to be touched and to be in the same space. And for others it feels very safe to let go and dive deep when they are in the comfort of their home.

I would recommend trying it out and just see what happens and resonates most with you.
All you need for an online session is zoom installed on your laptop or phone, a yoga mat and
some space to move.

Sessions are being held in English and German and last about 120 minutes.

I am also offering semi-private sessions (for 2-5 people) upon request if you want to organize your own session.
Day retreats and retreats are also being offered on a frequent base – check out my events section for any upcoming dates.

I am open for collaborations and happy to support you.

If you're interested,
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