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Juli 27 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


The total duration of the session will be about 2 hours.

For the first 20-30 minutes, Maria will give some detailed information about Kundalini energy and certain phenomenas that can be experienced during the transmission.

Then we will dive deep into the actual transmission which will last about 60min.

At the end, there will be a sharing circle where it’s optional to share your experience with the other participants and where you’re welcome to ask any questions that might have come up.


– Don’t eat anything heavy 3 hrs before the session

– Wear comfortable clothes and no jewelry

– You can use a sleeping mask to cover your eyes and help you drop deeper within. You will need to keep your eyes closed for the whole transmission.

– Please avoid drinking coffee, caffeinated drinks & alcohol 24hrs prior to the session.

Don´t be too hard on yourself with this though – it can support increased sensitivity in energy work though.


Kundalini is the Sanskrit term for Life Force Energy.

This energy is your essence, its your wholeness.

An Integrated Kundalini Activation is a transmission of

Life Force Energy and follows the path of surrender.


It can support you in activating dormant potential of this energy.

You will be lying down and music will be played.

Your eyes will be closed.


Certain chakra points might be touched.

The more you surrender and let go,

the easier it will be to attune to the energy

There is a wide variety of phenomena that you might be experiencing during a session.

physical: involuntary and spontaneous movements, shaking, asanas, stretches, mudras,.

energetic: sensations while the body is still – like sensations of heat or cold, tingling sensations, feeling of heightened energy in different parts of body

visual: you might see colors, symbols, images, visions, go on astral journeys

emotional: joy, anger, fear, sadness, bliss,..


These experiences can be quite impressive,

but what actually matters are the shifts and changes

that can happen in your life after the activation and in between sessions.

This energy moves us closer to who we truly are.


Pberg studio, 27.07, 14:00-16:00, Pay at the door!

Price – 45€

USC / Gympass / ClassPass / Egym – check in + 37€


Reserve your spot through the link that leads you to Fitogram or by emailing


Juli 27
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Yogahub Berlin
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